Dr Shanali Perera, UK Digital Artist joins forces with RuRi!by ruriadmin

The infinite powers of the universe have brought us the amazing Dr Shanali Perera, a western medical doctor and digital artist. She is a UK based western medical doctor who believes in the healing power of art and we are delighted to have her support and expertise for our mission!

Shanali is conducting specialist training in Rheumatology and also suffers from a chronic inflammatory condition called Vasculitis. She is dedicated to raising awareness of chronic inflammatory conditions and how to gain empowerment of mind and body through art.

“Art is a tool to explore and develop, considering its use in the multidisciplinary approaches to self-management of long-term illnesses. A wealth of studies illustrates its potential therapeutic benefits. If we can improve the living experience to a more pleasant degree through creative processes – Why not explore our creative side to meet every day challenges posed by a long-term condition”. – Dr Shanali Perera

You can explore more work from this talented medic here: