Awareness, education & prevention of child sex abuse.

Child sex abuse is a serious global issue which creates physical and mental health issues which can cause lifelong suffering.

Much more awareness and education of CSA is in dire need across all communities but there is an increasing need for support in the British Asian Communities and particularly in Sri Lanka.  Ruri Foundation focuses its mission on supporting survivors in British Asian communities by way of therapy, education and outreach programmes and delivering courses and workshops abroad.  Currently we have conducted Art Therapy at a Children’s Shelter,   Protective Behaviours & NLP workshops at various schools in Sri Lanka.

Ways to get involved:

  • As a volunteer assisting workshops and outreach programmes
  • As a professional volunteer, designing and teaching workshops, outreach and therapy sessions for survivors.
  • As an official sponsor providing financial support to help run and sustain the foundation.

Workshops currently being arranged:

  • Art therapy with Zoe Boston, professional art psychotherapist.
  • Yoga Therapy with Monika Stolpe.
  • Meditation classes (a collection of mindfulness & qualified reiki practitioners)
  • NLP

RuRi embodies the connection of all faiths, and backgrounds through mind, body and heart. Hence, the chosen logo design of hearts and minds in a circle of trust and healing.

How you can support us:

  • Sharing our message on social media with your friends and colleagues.
  • Asking your friends to share our message.
  • Making a donation or setting up a monthly donation.
  • Join us in your own fundraising events.
  • Inform us of any way you feel we can better our services and target those in need of help.