“Gathering professionals in the field of complementary health to provide free longterm therapy for children diagnosed with cancer and those affected by childhood sexual abuse in Sri Lanka.”

RuRi Foundation aims to create a network of RuRi practitioners who are trained by professionals from the UK,  who can be accessed by survivors in Sri Lanka for one to one longterm therapy.

Ways to get involved:

  • As a youth volunteer assisting workshops.
  • As a professional volunteer, designing and teaching workshops and therapy sessions for children with cancer alongside RuRi Youth Volunteer Assistants.
  • As an official sponsor providing financial support, marketing, expertise, services and/or products to help run and sustain the foundation needs.

Workshops currently being arranged:

  • Art therapy with Shimali Perera, the country’s only qualified professional art psychotherapist!
  • Yoga Therapy
  • MusicTherapy
  • Meditation classes (a collection of mindfulness & qualified reiki practitioners)
  • Drama and Movement Therapy
  • Mediation Classes
  • Reiki & Healing
  • NLP training

One of our principles is that all therapies offered will also be available for our youth volunteers as a way of nurturing their efforts to fulfil our mission.

Professional volunteers will have a platform to raise awareness of their valuable work and see the change it brings to the lives of trauma survivors.

RuRi will be a way of channelling and promoting traditional Eastern methods of healing practice, which is experiencing a profound revival and re-discovery within the country’s population.

RuRi embodies the connection of all faiths and backgrounds through mind, body and heart. Hence, the chosen logo design of hearts and minds in a circle of trust and healing.

“Happier, Healthier, Hopeful.These word are at the core of RuRi Foundation. It applies not just for the recipient of our funds, but also to our youth volunteers.”


How you can support us:

  • Sharing our message on social media with your friends and colleagues.
  • Asking your friends to share our message.
  • Making a donation or setting up a monthly donation.
  • Join us in your own fundraising events.
  • Inform us of any way you feel we can better our services and target those in need of help.