Volunteer Managers


Miss Phusathi Liyanaarachchi

Phusathi is a 21 year old poet/ writer turned journalist living on books, words, tea, laughter, her cats and dogs! She dreams of changing lives of kindred souls one smile at a time.

When you meet her, you may notice her contagious smile which says it all. Here at RuRi, we believe in the power of smiling. Phusathi’s energy, philosophy and smiles certainly brings out the rainbows at RuRi!


Miss Shalanka Weerasinghe

24 year old Shalanka divides her time between studying law & international relations, en-joying art, theatre and learning music. Through RuRi Foundation she pursues her passion for volunteering and follows her heart in making a difference in the lives of beautiful souls.

Shalanka is our little bookworm and often we’ll find her buried behind a book and we simply leave her to it, because we know that behind that book lies a beautiful mind ready to explode with the most creative ideas for RuRi!


Buddhika Kolabaarachchi

Buddhika is a nurse at Help Age, Sri Lanka, he also studied one of the most ancient and precious medical systems in the world, Ayurvedic Medicine.

He is kind, soft natured and totally adorable, if you meet him you’d just want to hug him! He feels deeply for those who need help, be that physically or mentally and he is simply perfect for RuRi and to help bring out the compassion in all our volunteers.


Shakthi Buwaneshwaran

Its Buwaneshwaran, Shakthi Buwaneshwaran and as his name evidently suggests, this a young man who is more than just strong! He is a magnificent force to be reckoned with! Within minutes of our FB Page going live in August 2016, he was there in a flash, he wanted in! Shakthi was the very first RuRi Foundation volunteer who signed up, the first of many bright, conscious and compassionate young minds who make up our organisation. Before we had officially sworn in our Committee, the guy showed up! He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of volunteering. There’s nothing this guy can’t do. In fact, there’s speculation here at RuRi that he’s an Avenger!! Fact or fiction aside, with his 007 style (see image), he’s a true asset to us being the energetic and high spirited young man that he is.

He joined us because he believed we were going to make a difference to the lives of young people and their families suffering with cancer, and with him on board, we most certainly will!

Volunteer Managing Assistant


Mrs Sajeevanie Bandara

Sajeevanie is a vivacious and knowledgeable woman who never backs down from an ar-gument, but that’s why we at RuRi Foundation all love her! You need people who feel deeply and are willing to fight hard for what they believe in.

She loves witnessing the development of her students into confident & empowered young citizens. She is a teacher at Musaeus College, Sri Lanka and has been instrumental in gathering her loyal students to help kick start the volunteering side of RuRi.


Join the RuRi Family

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